A New Dawn, A New Day

MBA WomenWelcome to the Life of an MBA Woman.  This site is an extension of my work at my main website for Design Your Work – a premier career coaching resource for busy professional women in mid-career identity crisis.

I have really been on a road to discovery the last 5 years +, part of which I spent in complete denial.  Yes, denial that anything was wrong with “my way”.  I suppose my thought was that if everyone else would change, my life would be just fine.  Ever thought that?

Well, a little boring info about me.  I’m an HR professional, an MBA, and a certified career coach.  I’m also a mom, a wife, a pet owner, a daughter and a sister.  I am actually trying to figure out what is most important to tell you because I just had a major discovery after being a coach for two years – I had no clear target market that I wanted to associate with and so my business grew very slowly.

You might be asking right now, “isn’t career a niche?” but all the gurus in the mega-coaching field are saying absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I know they’re right now because if it were I’d be a trillionaire & I’d be queen of everything work-related. LOL.  There are numbers upon numbers of career coaches.  What makes me stand out is that I especially enjoy working with women like myself – intelligent, business-oriented, and focused but often on the wrong priorities.

You see, we’re the type of women who can’t sit at home.  We crave interacting with other professional women, reading great books, soaking up new information – but we want to do all of that on our own terms.  We may have climbed the corporate ladder, or made a conscious choice to focus on our family, but we thrive on making a solid impact.

Yes, if this is you, you are in the right place.  So hang around, catch a video, check out my “rooms” and maybe you can spend some time with me & the “girls” in my coaching group.  Our next one starts soon so keep watching.

Change your thinking, change your work.


Tanya Smith, the Monday Makeover Coach, helps super busy mid-career professional women liberate their thinking so they can enjoy waking up daily to work they love.  Become a fan for exclusive previews on Facebook at http://facebook.com/workcoach. Visit her at home www.designyourwork.com for a free special report on 10 Reasons to Think Like an Entrepreneur at Work.


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