What It’s Like to Live In My World

Right now, I’m recognizing that there are only a few days left until Christmas.  In a house with two young children, this is a huge deal.  We’ve perpetuated the idea of Santa coming to our house & while it’s loads of fun for them, it’s a whole lot of work for us parents.

Now in addition to the kids, I have family coming from Florida to visit.  I’m trying to figure out when exactly I’ll be able to clean the house (would’ve been nice to hire that cleaning company a couple of weeks ago; I just didn’t get around to it).  Somehow, we’ll have to turn that work-out room back into a bedroom within the next couple of days.  Hmmm…

Oh yes, and dinner is at my house again – which means that I’ll have my fam and the in-laws all here on Friday.  Whoo hoo.

Now did I mention that I’m working all week except for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day? Several projects going on there that I don’t want to slip on.

All of these while I’m also juggling two coaching client sessions this week, and getting ready to launch MBA Woman in 2010.  This in itself is a whole other blog.

I want to tell you that it’s super hectic in my life right now.  You probably have a similar story.  That’s why I’m sharing this with you.  You see, the difference between me and many other people is that as busy as it is, I LOVE my life. I know that my purpose and my vision are being fulfilled. And because I’ve taken the time to invest in the journey, I am living a joy-rich life.

Sure there are times when I could pull my hair out (or somebody else’s), but overall, the good outweighs the challenging.

My vision for you is to set corporate women free from mental bondage so they too can enjoy a life and work that satisfies them.  It may not look like mine at all, but it will be what you intentionally create.  Instead of that phrase “life happens to you”, I want you to be able to say, “I’m intentionally living”.  That’s what freedom really means to me.

Merry Christmas & have a fantastic New Year!

Warm regards,

Tanya M. Smith MBA, PHR, CCMC, CLTMC

Certified Career Management & Lifestyle Coach
“Make Monday marvelous!”
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