The new corporate woman

I am intrigued at all the new “trending” reports that are coming out about everything from clothing to new internet apps.  I decided to write my own trending list based on the characteristics of the corporate women I’ve been fortunate enough to work with.  Here is my list of top 10 trends.  The new corporate woman:

  1. Wants their piece of the pie at work and at home.  No longer are we bamboozled into thinking we have to choose one over the other;
  2. Recognizes that in order to survive in the new world of work, they must think globally;
  3. Appreciates the value of high quality social relationships;
  4. Is social media savvy (see #2);
  5. Will invest in products & services that save them time and money – forget anything else, it’s a waste of time which = money;
  6. Excels in knowing what they’re best at and spending the most time in that space vs. trying to make themselves into something they are not
  7. Is a possibility thinker…always;
  8. Sees the world not only from her own perspective, but through the eyes of others;
  9. Reads to enrich their lives, and every now and then just to escape;
  10. Sets healthy boundaries to blend both work and life – it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Gotta’ have it

So what do you think?  Are you a “new-age” corporate woman?

Tanya Smith, the Monday Makeover Coach, helps busy mid-career professional women liberate their thinking so they can enjoy waking up daily to work they love. Become a fan for exclusive previews on Facebook at Visit her at home for a free special report on 10 Reasons to Think Like an Entrepreneur at Work.


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